Medical, Brain & Spine Department

Medical department provides broad range of services for diagnosis and treatment of multiple adult medical problems. It includes Malaria, Typhoid fever, Tuberculosis, HIV, Dengue fever etc. Most of these diseases present with fever & general symptoms, which are investigated in depth & treated. Senior consultant of department of Medicine are involved in preoperative checks in addition to anaesthetists assessment to manage & pick up existing medical problem prior to surgical procedures as well as to take appropriate measures prior to surgeries. Often consultants are required to manage medical problems coexisting with surgical conditions. Preoperatively, post operatively & during intra operation period. super-specialists are also called in whenever required.

Neuro & Spine Surgery is a specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment, both surgical and non-surgical, of disorders of the nervous system, which includes the brain, skull, spinal column and spinal cord. Brain & Spine Department deals with treatments which includes surgery on the brain, spinal cord, skull and the bony spinal column. The common neurosurgical procedures and operations include degenrative spinal disorders, treating prolapsed intervertebral discs, operating on aneury and AVMs. Major Head injuries are also treated in the Neurointensive care unit in conjunction with the Intensive care team. The department further specialized in doing neurovascular interventions